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ADO Principal Solicitor joined a panel on a national webinar exposing the ACT government's killing of kangaroos on public land.


A date set for a concurrent hearing of our Lakesland Hen Rescue appeal in the NSW Court of Appeal in a directions hearing today. We'll be back in Court on 9 July 2021!


ADO lawyers joined representatives from other animal protection groups to meet with MLA Jo Clay, ACT Greens spokesperson for animal welfare, to discuss the animal welfare concerns inherent in the ACT government’s annual kangaroo ‘culls’ on public land.


Just released! ADO article published in ACT Law Society's journal Ethos looking at the implications of the ‘graphic footage’ case involving a Queensland animal activist.

Exposing The Canberra 'Cull'
Exposing The Canberra 'Cull'

Kangaroo animal welfare
Kangaroo animal welfare


Exposing The Canberra 'Cull'
Exposing The Canberra 'Cull'


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