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Here are just some of the issues the Animal Defenders Office has focused on


Federal Election 2022: where do political parties stand on key animal protection issues?

Find out here.

VERDICT! 3.png

Justice for the Lakesland Hens - and their rescuers - continues. Find out more here.

lab rabbits.jpg

Research animals - our attempt to rescue lab rabbits used for vaccine testing. Find out here.

Penalties for animal cruelty and neglect in NSW and the ACT. Are they too low? Find out here.


Q and A: ACT kangaroo culls in Googong NSW.

Read more here.

The Nonhuman Rights Project and how it's changing history.

Find out how here.

Wally's Piggery 130

The terrible case of Wally's Piggery - how our animal protection framework let down the pigs. Find out here.

Special screening of ground-breaking doco  'Unlocking the Cage'.

Find out more here.

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