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Dingoes - does the law protect them?

The dingo - native to Australia yet often treated as a pest under the law.  The ADO is analysing the laws of different states and territories regarding dingoes, and assessing opportunities for reform.


Petting zoos - are they as cute as they seem?


Petting zoos seem harmless enough - little kids getting to know baby animals.  But do the zoos adequately protect the animals' interests?  Do they have to?  The ADO will examine the regulatory framework governing petting zoos and assess whether they sufficiently protect the animal 'stars' of the show. 

Here are just some of the projects the Animal Defenders Office are focussing on over the coming months



Steven Wise and the quest for legal rights for animals 

The ADO has prepared a report on the groundbreaking work of American animal lawyer Steven Wise and his Nonhuman Animal Rights Project (NhRP).  Professor Wise and the NhRP are seeking to break down the wall that has separated humans and animals in law since human legal systems began.

Click here for the ADO's report.

Click here to read more about Steven Wise's lecture in Canberra.

Here is Steven Wise with the ADO's report:


Barn egg factories

With the impending opening of an intensive barn egg factory in Canberra, the ADO will examine the laws protecting the hens - how effective are they?


Saleyards in Australia

Did you know that 25 million animals go through saleyards in Australia each year? Are there laws that protect then while they are there?  Were the recently proposed Saleyards Welfare Standards adequate?

The ADO will look at all these issues in an upcoming fact sheet.


Animals in entertainment


The ADO will be conducting a series of investigations into various forms of 'entertainment' using animals.  Check out what happened when ADO volunteers attended the Cooma Rodeo: click here. And while exotic animal circuses might be banned in the ACT - they can still happen in nearby NSW. The ADO will be watching! 

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